Stihl Km 131 R Parts Diagram (2024)

1. Stihl KM131R – Engine | Lawn & turfcare machinery parts

  • Other Product Diagrams. Stihl KM131R - Carburetor. Carburetor · Stihl KM131R ... Ignition System · Stihl KM131R - Muffler, Air Filter. Muffler, Air Filter.

  • SKU: ST-KM131R

2. KM131 KombiEngine Parts | Kombi Engine Parts (KA - KM - KR) - GHS

  • Shop by diagram · Genuine Stihl KM131 / A - Engine Ø 43 mm · Genuine Stihl KM131 / B - Rewind starter, Fuel tank · Genuine Stihl KM131 / C - ...

  • GHS is one of the UK's largest spare parts companies. We are main dealers for many brands including Stihl, Wacker, Honda, Husqvarna, Belle, Paslode and Atlas Copco.

3. Stihl KM131 R KombiSystem Parts - Seddons Plant

Stihl KM131 R KombiSystem Parts - Seddons Plant

4. Stihl KM131, KM131R Kombi Engine Parts - L&S Engineers

  • Shop by diagram. See 9 more diagrams ...

  • Spares for Stihl KM131, KM131R KombiEngine

5. Kombi Engine Parts (KA - KM - KR) | Stihl Kombi Tool Parts - GHS

  • Stihl Parts Diagrams · Stihl Kombi Tool Parts; Kombi Engine Parts (KA - KM ... KM131 R KombiEngine Parts ...

  • GHS is one of the UK's largest spare parts companies. We are main dealers for many brands including Stihl, Wacker, Honda, Husqvarna, Belle, Paslode and Atlas Copco.

6. [PDF] STIHL KM 111 R, 131, 131 R

7. Onderdelen passend op Stihl - Breda Parts Company

  • Haakse overbrenging (koppeling) passend op Stihl FR350, FR450, FR85, FS100, FS120, FS200, FS250, 25,4mm 5,3x5,3. Onze Ref. 41806400114C - DL-P.

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8. [PDF] STIHL FS 131, 131 R Owners Instruction Manual

  • See the appropriate section of your instruction manual for a description of the controls and the function of the parts of your model. Safety Precautions and.

9. [PDF] STIHL FS 131, 131 R

  • Check the fuel system for leaks, paying special attention to visible parts such as the tank cap, hose connections and the manual fuel pump (on machines so ...

10. [PDF] KM 131 R -

  • KM 131 R. Rallonge de tube 0,5 m HL-KM 0°, HL-KM 135°, HT-KM, SP-KM. Positio n. Numéro d'article. Description. 1. 0000 710 7100.

11. Stihl KM131R – Carburetor - Lawn & turfcare machinery parts

  • Other Product Diagrams. Stihl KM131R - Clutch. Clutch, Fan Housing. km131r. Drive Tube Assemble. Stihl KM131R - Engine. Engine. Stihl KM131R - Handle. Handle.

  • SKU: ST-KM131R

12. Genuine STIHL Spare Parts | Bendigo Outdoor Power Equipment

  • STIHL Service Kit FS70R / HT 56 / KM 56 RC-E. BOPE Price. $24.00. Click ... Service Kit FS131 / KM131R / BT131/ HT133. STIHL Service Kit FS131 / KM131R ...

  • Bendigo Outdoor Power Equipment carry top quality brands for all your projects. We have high-quality outdoor power equipment at affordable prices. Our huge range includes Stihl spare parts

Genuine STIHL Spare Parts | Bendigo Outdoor Power Equipment

13. Stihl KM 131 R Parts - Bear Parts

  • Replacement spare parts for the Stihl KM 131 R machine. All of our parts are 100% genuine shipped to us direct from the Stihl factory in Germany.

Stihl KM 131 R Parts - Bear Parts
Stihl Km 131 R Parts Diagram (2024)


What is the fuel mix for a Stihl 131r? ›

All STIHL gasoline-powered equipment uses a 50:1 gas and oil mixture.

How do you adjust the carb on a Stihl km131r? ›

First, locate the three adjustment screws on the carburetor body. Turn the "L" screw clockwise until it lightly seats, then back it off counterclockwise one and a half turns. Repeat the same process with the "H" screw. Finally, turn the "LA" screw clockwise until the engine runs smoothly at idle, but doesn't stall.

What fuel does a km131r take? ›

Your engine requires a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. For health reasons, avoid direct skin contact with gasoline and avoid inhaling gasoline vapor. STIHL recommends the use of STIHL MotoMix.

What is the spark plug gap on a Stihl km110r? ›

What is the correct spark plug gap for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw or blower? The correct gap setting is 0.020".

What octane is best for STIHL? ›

STIHL recommends that customers use a minimum of 89 octane fuel. If a customer chooses to use a 91 or 93 octane fuel, no damage to the engine will result. However, using an 87 octane fuel could lead to serious engine damage.

What is Stihl fuel stabiliser? ›

STIHL fuel stabiliser eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage. It also contains water remover to prevent corrosion and carburettor cleaner to restore power. 15ml treats 5L of fuel.

Is km131r a 4 stroke? ›

Runs on a fuel oil mix just like a 2 stroke, but offers the benifits of 4 stroke power. STIHL 4 MIX® engine technology provides fast acceleration, more power, added torque, lower noise, reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

What is a STIHL kombi engine? ›

The Stihl KombiSystem is a powerful engine with a choice of KombiTool attachments - whether it's trimming hedges, edging lawns, turning borders or sweeping paths the Stihl KombiSystem will take the effort out of those tough garden jobs. The all-purpose MultiSystem from Stihl soon has your garden shipshape again.

What STIHL engines are 4 mix? ›

  • FS 91 / FS 91 R.
  • FS 111 / FS 111 R / FS 111 RX.
  • FS 131 / FS 131 R.
  • BR 500 / BR 600 / BR 700 / BR 800 C-E / BR 800 X.

What brand of spark plug does STIHL use? ›

For the best performance from your STIHL tool, we recommend that you always use the STIHL NGK spark plug.

How to tell if a spark plug is bad? ›

The most common signs of bad spark plugs include start-up trouble, rough idling, sluggish acceleration, declining fuel economy, engine misfiring, and engine knocking.

How much 2-cycle oil per gallon? ›

Use a 32:1 gasoline to oil ratio. One gallon of gasoline combined with 4 oz of two-cycle engine oil.

How much oil for 50 to 1 mix? ›

If your manufacturer recommends a 50:1 fuel/oil mix, it means you need 50 parts of gas to one part two-stroke oil. To mix one gallon of fuel at 50:1, add 2.6 ounces of two-stroke oil to one gallon of gas, as shown in the chart below.

What is the mix ratio for a STIHL 2-stroke engine? ›

We recommend a 50:1 mix ratio (20mls oil per 1 litre fuel) when using STIHL 2-Stroke oil. If you're using a different brand of 2-Stroke oil, you'll need to mix at 25:1 (40mls oil per 1 litre fuel).

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