Kitap USA Nova pup. 2024 Applications of Traditional Archery in the World (2024)

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From a General Perspective Traditional Archery around the World

Mehmet Türkmen

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WTAF International Academic Seminar Book

Traditional Archery: A new concept that connects us to our past and other cultures

2011 •

Zafer Metin Ateş (ZMA), Yaşar Metin Aksoy

Using bow and arrow for htınting and self-defending was a revaluation of mankind. Shooting an enemy from safe distance brought a huge advantage. Combination of horse domestication and archery brought many advantages for communities against the people who lived around them. So this people improved to states from tribes in the Asia. Thus tribes and states towards Asia also has improved by the means of war and occupations that allowed the cultures be spread among them. Archery with no doubt was the modest one in this spread made contribution for the development of humanity.

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Development of Cllasical Archery and it's Athletes

" Development of Classical Archery and it's Athletes "

2010 •

Spyros Bakas

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isara solutions

Reasons Why Archery Transform From Indigenous Sports to Competitive Sport

2021 •

International Res Jour Managt Socio Human

The purpose of this study was to investigate Reasons Why Archery Transform From Indigenous Sport to Competitive Sport. Methodology- The sport of archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability and determination. Top athletes train daily, and for hours at a time, but even recreational archery can carry huge benefits to your health. Whether practised indoors or out, competitively or socially – and despite often being perceived as stationary – archery gets you active, burning calories and in a better state of mind and it requires fitness components, psychological components, Anthropometry, Anatomy and Biomechanical components

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Popular Inquiry. The Journal of Kitsch, Camp and Mass Culture

Philosophies of Archery

2021 •

Enea Bianchi

This article investigates how different philosophical traditions and schools of thought have understood the practice and the discipline of archery. Whereas the scholarly literature on the history, the techniques and the uses of bows and arrows is diverse and extensive, my aim is to contribute to the less developed research on the relationship between philosophy and archery. Specifically, I will explore in what terms philosophers have employed the bow as a metaphor for both their standpoints and, more generally, significant aspects of everyday life.

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The Comparison of Balance Abilities of Recurve, Compound and Traditional Archery: A Preliminary Study 1

2013 •

Deniz Şimşek

Archery is described as a static sport requiring fine movement control, proper endurance and strength of the upper body and balance ability.The purpose of this study was to examine differences in balance abilities during Recurve, Compound and Traditional Turkish Archery. Fourteen archers (Group I: The Recurve Archery (RA): n=5, Group II: Compound Archery (CA): n=4, Group III: Traditional Archery (TA): n=5) participated voluntary in the study. An 9281EA BioKistler Force Plate system was used to obtain objective measurements in medio-lateral (Ay) and anterio-posterior (Ax) directions of the sway of COP during the trials.The RA group displayed a slower COP sway range when compared to the CA and TA groups. The findings of this research suggest that archer drawing weight may affect shooting performance, especially during the releasing phase due to a shift in body weight (COP).

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Movement, Health & Exercise

Comparison of two recurve archery techniques: A preliminary study

rosniwati ghafar

Interest in archery is growing nowadays in Malaysia. Archery is preferred because it can be considered a static sport (Hafiz & Daliya, 2010). It is easy to learn archery but very difficult to master the techniques in archery (Lee & Benner, 2009). We even made good progress during SEA games in 1997, others already more advanced than us, especially in developing a good technique in archery. One of the best techniques already introduced by Kisik Lee for recurve archery (Villasor, no date). The objective of this research was to compare the similarities and differences between Kisik Lee’s technique and the elite’s technique. An elite archer from Kelantan state archer volunteered to be a subject for this study. A passive marker was used to detect the movement in each technique. The performance of the elite’s technique and Kisik Lee’s technique was captured using a 3D Qualysis motion analysis system. The performance evaluated after a short period of time was allocated for training and prac...

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Archery's Lasting Mark: A Biomechanical Analysis of Archery

2019 •

Tabitha Dorshorst

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Traditional Archery from Six Continents - The Charles E Grayson Collection (Weapon History Art Ebook)

Alaaddin Esat Kiral

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International journal of physical education, sports and health

A study on Indian archery: An upsurge with reference to different awards

2021 •


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Kitap USA Nova pup. 2024 Applications of Traditional Archery in the World (2024)
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