11 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Life of a Walt Disney World Cast Member - Theme Park Tourist (2024)

Think you could cut it as a Cast Member? Compare your qualities to this list to find out.

To dedicated Disney fans, the idea of working in the parks and visiting on a regular basis may seem like an exciting prospect, but are you really cut out for the life of a cast member? See how many of the following apply to you. If you score more than half, you have real potential as Disney material. If you relate to all eleven, start packing your bags and book a ticket to Orlando – you were made for a Disney name tag.

11. You Have Half a Dozen Animated Disney Films in Your Personal Collection

Movies that you have on hand from your childhood but never watch don’t count. Go through that shelf of movies that you actually watch on a regular basis and count how many of the classic animated Disney films are in your collection. Give yourself some bonus points if one of these films is in your DVD player right now.

10. You Can Name Your Favorite Disney Character Easily

11 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Life of a Walt Disney World Cast Member - Theme Park Tourist (1)Donald Duck

Quick – who’s your favorite Disney character? If you have to stop and think, you might not adjust to life as a Cast Member as quickly as you’d like. If you’re torn between two, you still get credit on this one. If you named a character that’s not actually Disney, you lose a point, and if you can’t think of a Disney character at all you should probably give up on your Cast Member aspirations right now.

9. You Know the Difference Between Disney and Universal

Disney and Universal are the two biggest competitors in Orlando’s theme park industry. While plenty of people work for both parks, there’s no mistaking the fact that these are two very different and very distinct companies. If you’re the guest who’s looking for Simpsons at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you should probably brush up on your park knowledge before you fill out a job application. If you can neatly identify the franchises that belong to both Disney and Universal, you’re on the right track.

The tricky exception to this question is Marvel. If you knew that Disney owns Marvel, but Marvel Superhero Island is located in Universal’s Islands of Adventure, take a bonus point for your superior knowledge of the intricacies of Orlando’s theme park landscape.

8. You Speak Multiple Languages, or at Least Know How to Fake It

The more languages you can speak, the more valuable you’ll be in a Disney theme park. Cast Members regularly encounter guests from around the world and it’s an obvious bonus if you can communicate with them. If you don’t speak any additional languages but you’re good at miming and guessing your way through a conversation with someone who doesn’t know a word of English, you’re good to go.

7. You Always Crouch Down to Talk to Children

They’ll teach you this as part of your training, but you’re really stellar Cast Member material if you do it naturally. If this seems strange, try crouching down and getting on the child’s level the next time you talk to a tot. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

6. You Find Dress Codes more Reassuring than Restrictive

If you enjoy your purple hair, gauged piercings, and wrist tattoos, you may not be cut out for the life of a Cast Member. If you’re highly offended by the idea of neutral makeup, short nails, and a well-groomed appearance, you’ll probably struggle in this role. If you appreciate the neat clean look of a little conformity, however, you’ll fit right in without any trouble.

5. Your Friends Would Describe You as Extremely Patient

Patience is essential when you’re dealing with thousands of hot, confused, and often angry people on a daily basis. If you lose your own cool often, you should probably look for a job behind the scenes if you’re set on Disney. On stage Cast Members occasionally need to exhibit patience and perseverance worthy of a saint.

4. You Love Talking to Strangers

Some people just love learning about strangers. They’re fascinated by where people are from, what they do, and what they’re interested in. If this is you, you’ll make an excellent Cast Member. It’s not essential, but it will make every day much more fulfilling for you.

3. You Think White Christmases are Overrated

If you’re not a Florida native, you need to be prepared for the unique climate of the sunshine state before you relocate to fulfill your dream of becoming a Cast Member. Forget white Christmases or even chilly winter nights. If you love balmy tropical environments, you’ll fit right in. Consider how you feel about the heat of summer as well. Some costumes don’t come with an option for shorts, so you have to wear pants outside in 90 degree weather.

2. You Don’t Mind Celebrating the Holidays a Few Days Late

Cast Members nearly always work on weekends and holidays. In fact, the holidays are the busiest times of the year so you won’t just work an eight hour shift on Christmas. You might find yourself scheduled for a 14-hour day and a six-day week around the holidays.

1. You Have a Small Stash of Pixie Dust in Your Home

Cast Members have a habit of amassing lots of unique little pieces of Disney memorabilia. From cast-off furniture that once appeared in the resorts to rare pins, Cast Members have lots of opportunities to find and snap up interesting Disney items. Many Cast Members can even boast whole rooms decorated around a favorite attraction. If you’ve already invested in a Mickey Mouse throw or a collection of princess figures, you may have some Cast Member blood in your veins.

11 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Life of a Walt Disney World Cast Member - Theme Park Tourist (2)The boss.

This whimsical little list is by no means a hard and fast requirement for becoming a Cast Member. If you’re willing to work hard, follow the rules, and put on the Disney look every day, you can score a job at the Happiest Place on Earth even if you don’t know Pluto from Goofy. If you have a real passion for the place, however, you might be cut out for a long stint as a park staple.

11 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Life of a Walt Disney World Cast Member - Theme Park Tourist (2024)
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